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In 2017, he set out to find a vocation that would allow him to flourish in a work environment in harmony with his zen, composed personality. His desire was to find a profession offering him the opportunity to make a real, positive impact in people's lives.

Discover a passionate massage therapist committed to making a positive difference to your well-being. A graduate of the École de Massothérapie Sensorielle de Victoriaville, he masters Californian, Swedish, Therapeutic and Thai massage techniques. Based in Montreal, he is part of a dynamic team.

The key to his success lies in his primary quality as a massage therapist: attentive to your needs. He is committed to focusing fully on the needs communicated by his customers.

His skills range from soothing techniques to deep-tissue methods, effectively relieving muscular tension.

Choose an exceptional massage experience with this sought-after professional.

Maxime Bouchard St-Amand

Registered massage therapist with the RMPQ

Valérie describes herself as a decolonial feminist at heart and an eternal student!

She is passionate about social issues and is dedicated to raising awareness about social issues, particularly political issues such as discrimination, inequality and gender violence.

After completing a bachelor's degree in law, political science and immigration, she has been a candidate for a master's degree in political science with a concentration in feminist studies at UQAM since 2022. She also works in a women's center, where she is responsible for communications, marketing and activism.

She is also a yoga and fitness enthusiast. She believes that mental and physical well-being starts with you!

Her commitment, curiosity and knowledge of intercultural relations, politics and labour rights are invaluable assets for MBSTA Massotherapie.

Valérie Sagine Toussaint

Director of communications and marketing






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